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A Brief Overview Of Gas Masks

A Brief Overview Of Gas Masks

The gas mask is a device that protects users from inhaling poisonous fumes or smoke. They have been used for many years by different people for various purposes. 

Although the first poison gas used in warfare was made in France on April 22, 1915, by the German army to attack French troops, gas masks existed long before that date.

Helmets were needed by miners, firefighters, and divers to protect their faces from the harmful elements. You can buy the best-rated gas mask from the top-rated online websites at an affordable price.

They also provided breathable air and filtered out potentially deadly substances like smoke and debris. The gas mask was created by a number of inventors who developed useful products to meet that need. It went into production shortly after the terrible attack of the Germans on the French.

Some masks for miners included a similar hose that was attached to an air device. This allowed miners to breathe at depths where coal dust was so thick they could not use the mask.

Firefighter masks were the first prototypes of modern gas masks. They did not provide clean air but instead ran existing air through a series of filters that removed particles and made it safe for inhalation. 

It was mass-produced for the army in 1915. There were only minor modifications to its filtration system to remove chlorine gas and mustard gas.

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