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A Guideline For A 100% Safe Eyelash Extension Procedure

A Guideline For A 100% Safe Eyelash Extension Procedure

The long and dense, beautiful and gorgeous lashes are every woman's ideal. Extensions are the hottest trend among beautiful women today.

Easy-to-apply false eyelashes need a few safety-care-regimens for surviving in the long run. A few safety-risks rear their heads when the extensions are not applied by a trained and proficient professional. You can also navigate to get more information about eyelash extension supplies.

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The following tips ensure eyelash extension safety. If you want to know how to take care of these extensions, have a look:

1. Say 'no' to infection risks

Bacterial infection is a common risk that happens to a majority of clients. There is always a chance for a bacterial infection to come about as the clients come into direct contact with instruments required for fixing false extensions. 

To avoid it, the experts should include a sanitized treatment at the top of the to-do list. It considers a top-to-bottom sensitization of hands, instruments, and extension supplies. Proper sanitization & disinfection, pre-and-post extension procedure, reduce the risk of fungal infection to a great extent.

2. Allergic reaction to avoid

A few clients are prone to allergic reactions triggered by chemical-based adhesives. It is mandatory to screen the clients to check whether they have any allergic reaction to the chemical glues. 

False-eyelash-extension is a big no for people who reported being allergic to surgical glues or nails. Allergy screening has been a must-do for the lash extension experts to ensure the safety of every customer.