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Access Control Systems – The Heart Of The Security Entrance In Sydney

Access Control Systems – The Heart Of The Security Entrance In Sydney

An access control system is a method of managing access to your building or certain areas of your building. An access control system typically consists of:

• Access control devices such as access cards and card readers

• Access control panel

• Hardware, such as Access control panels and access control servers

Biometric access control systems reduce the risk of data and product theft and improve employee safety. They are usually installed using a two- or multi-factor identification process. You may need a card or token and information such as a password.

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5 main components of an access control system:

• When implementing an access control system in a facility, there are usually five main components:

• Certificate: a unique electronic “key” used by an individual to gain access through a door that is secured by an access control system. The most common are electronic access cards, but they can also be PIN codes, fingerprints, irises, faces, barcodes from phone apps, etc.

• Identity reader: a device installed outside the entrance door and used to "read" identification data electronically.

• Lock fittings: door fittings (or electric door locks or security entry doors) used to electrically lock and unlock a door or entrance to a protected area.

• Intelligent controllers: boards/panels installed in a building and used to process access control activities; ID readers, electric lock devices, and other access control devices are connected to the panel.