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All About Bubble Hockey Table

All About Bubble Hockey Table

When you are going out to buy a bubble hockey table then it is a great decision which one is better for your room. Purchasing bubble and dome hockey tables requires you to spend a decent amount of assets to ensure you get precisely what you require and to ensure you get great quality for what you spend. You can buy bubble hockey boards from online stores.

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Here are some points to keep in mind while purchasing bubble hockey table:

  • Play Surface

If the playing surface of the game table is not properly designed or constructed using inferior materials the surface will be uneven. In such a situation, balls will not move smoothly on the table. 

Due to a rough labeling of the table, the ball will always go in the direction of the slope region. On the other hand, a smooth board has a perfect play surface where a ball rolls with speed in one direction.

  • Cloth

The bubble hockey table cloth is made of wool and nylon blend and coated with Teflon. 18 to 22 ounces per yard of cloth is recommended for a standard pool table. 

A good quality of cloth will not only increase the attraction of the table but also speed the ball on the surface.