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Client Testimonials – The Ultimate Promotional Tool?

Client Testimonials – The Ultimate Promotional Tool?

There are many ways to use client testimonials to promote your services and you want to use as many as you can in your marketing efforts. Here are some ideas for you to try…

1) If you're using a testimonial on a website, try to make it stand out from the rest of the text. Perhaps use a colored box or a graphical box. Try using different fonts. Anything that makes it look different. You should always include the client's (buyer's) name and his or her domain name if they have one (but not hyperlinked because you don't want your visitors to click away from your site). You can look for the best client testimonial videos online for your business.

Revisiting Why Displaying Client Testimonials Are Important

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Ideally, you want a testimonial that is specific to one aspect of your service (for example, great customer service, speed of delivery, great price, etc). 

2) Create a FAQ or a question-and-answer section on your website. A few testimonials are included in some of the responses. Make careful to use a testimonial if it answers a question. 'How long does it take for the product to arrive?' for example. Why not respond with a glowing recommendation from a happy customer who received the goods quickly?

3) Set up your testimonials in an autoresponder sequence. If people sign-up for your ezine or newsletter or to get a free report, make sure in any subsequent autoresponder emails, that you include your best testimonials.