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Corporate Service – The Multiple Corporation Strategy

Corporate Service – The Multiple Corporation Strategy

If you decide to start your first business, you will need to engage the next two to five businesses, even if you don't currently have plans to capitalize on them.

There are several main reasons for this strategy, and if you are serious about building a business and potentially looking for a corporate loan, here are the steps you should follow. For more information about corporate services, you can visit

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1. Once you've signed up for and worked with and developed your first company, over time, for one reason or another, you may find that you may need to move some of your security resources or simply open up a new business opportunity that may arise. does not work with your current business structure.

2. Once your first business is established and built on its credit, it will be easier for you to build credit for your other businesses simply by sharing that credit with your other businesses through a process known as sequential connectivity. This is a great way to build credit with multiple companies for all the hard work you've put in.

3. If you create multiple companies, you can create your own set of shelf companies. These are businesses based solely on their age, which allows you to start a business in a very short time. This shelf company will add real, tangible value to your bottom line in many ways.