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Dispute Resolution & Litigation Services

Dispute Resolution & Litigation Services

Disputes inevitably arise over individuals, companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations. A dispute can relate to a complaint about the actions or inaction of another party to which you are involved.If you are looking for dispute resolution services visit

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What you suffer can be monetary or non-monetary losses. Losses could be the result of a breach of contract, or it could be that the entity did not make the right decisions according to the law.

There are several ways to resolve disputes:

1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – ADR offers a variety of options for resolving disputes without going to court. The results may or may not be as touching as litigation.

2. Courts and Commissions – There are various courts and commissions established by the government to not only investigate, review, or enforce decisions of government departments or government agencies, but also to seek redress or assistance against other individuals or companies.

3. Ombudsman and Other Services – The government has established a number of other services to assist individuals and businesses in handling complaints against various government departments or agencies.

4. Courts – Courts in Australia offer a controversial process whereby a party can bring their case to a judge or judge to seek an outcome in the favor of a party according to the evidence presented and the applicable law.