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How A Better Phone System Can Help Improve School Safety

How A Better Phone System Can Help Improve School Safety

During an emergency, getting critical information to the right people at the right time can make a significant difference. And while many schools are taking steps to improve safety and security, one of the most critical aspects may likely be overlooked — the school phone system.

Many schools have outdated phones and telephone communication systems. Sure, this can be a hassle on any given school day. Allworx phone technique provides the largest set of phone features of IP solutions which is helpful for school safety.

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Improving School Security: We Have Learned from Best Practices

Allworx phone systems offer easy set-up and configuration, backup capabilities, and 911 notifications for school administrators, teachers, and safety personnel, right down to the building and room where the 911 call originated. 

Emergency Notifications, On and Off-Campus

The 911 Alert is a free feature included in every Allworx phone system. A 911 call from any Allworx phone will initiate a group notification via SMS text, email, or on the Allworx desk phone itself. 

Everyone who needs to know who dialed 911, where they called from, and when the call was made will be notified, whether they are on or off-premise. 

So if anyone in the school dials 911 on an Allworx phone, the Allworx system can notify any combination of Allworx IP phones and mobile devices. 

The system can also send time-critical emails and text messages to administrators, school security, or even law enforcement which can help make a critical difference in monitoring school security, implementing safety protocols, and improving emergency response.