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How Often Should You Check Your HVAC System?

How Often Should You Check Your HVAC System?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t check your heating and cooling system on a regular basis. But doing so is essential to keeping your home comfortable in the summer and winter months. Here are five tips for navigating your HVAC maintenance services:

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1. Check the air conditioner’s filter. This is an easy task that can be done on your own, and it can help keep your AC running smoothly. Just remove the filter and wipe it clean with a cloth or dryer sheet. Replace the filter as needed.

2. Check the furnace’s flue gas exit (or stack). This is a device located near the furnace that helps to prevent smoke and flames from entering your home. If there are any problems with this device, they will show up as abnormal emissions from your furnace. Check it regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

3. Check the HVAC unit’s air registers (and coils). These are small devices located near the unit that help to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Test them by blowing into them – if they whistle back, then there may be an issue with one or more of these registers.

4. Check for excess dust and debris in your ducts. This could be the cause of your problem if you are having carbon monoxide problems, which can be a sign of excessive dust and dirt within your ducts – as well as other issues that may result from this buildup.

 Your air conditioning system is one of the most common culprits for these types of problems, but it can also be caused by other things like high humidity or even just poor household habits, such as leaving wet clothes on the floor and allowing food to spoil in the refrigerator.