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Introduction To Chest Tube Thoracostomy

Introduction To Chest Tube Thoracostomy

Chest tube thoracostomy commonly referred to as “putting in a chest tube”, is a procedure that is done to drain fluid, blood, or air from the space around the lungs. This procedure may be done when a patient has a disease, such as pneumonia or cancer, that causes extra fluid to build up in the space around the lungs.

A chest tube may also be needed when a patient has had a severe injury to the chest wall that causes bleeding around the lungs. Sometimes, a patient’s lung can be accidentally punctured, allowing air to gather outside the lung, causing its collapse. If you are also facing any of these issues then you must go for thoracic tube placement via

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Chest tube thoracostomy involves placing a hollow plastic tube between the ribs and into the chest to drain fluid or air from around the lungs. The tube is often hooked up to a suction machine to help with drainage. The tube remains in the chest until all or most of the air or fluid has drained out, usually a few days. Occasionally special medicines are given through a chest tube.

Discomfort often occurs as the chest tube is inserted. Doctors try to lessen any pain or discomfort by giving a local numbing medicine. The discomfort usually decreases once the tube is in place.