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Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery In Dallas

Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery In Dallas

A tummy tuck, known as a abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery that flattens the stomach and removes excess skin and fat. Abdominal stretching surgery is usually recommended for people who cannot reduce the appearance of their stomach through diet or exercise. 

There are two types of stomach surgery: Mini and Full. Mini tummy is when only the lower abdomen is reduced. A full stomach is when the entire stomach area is reduced. To get more information about the best tummy tuck surgery in Dallas visit

tummy tuck surgery

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A tummy tuck is about to stretch and adjust the abdominal skin, which may necessitate the creation of a new belly button. In many cases, the skin is removed to reduce or remove scarring. The surgeon cuts the abdomen near the pelvis. 

This is the main part of the operation. Another incision is made near the navel with a full puncture. The surgeon removes as much fat and skin as needed to flatten the stomach.

The total duration of surgery varies from one to five hours and depends on the complexity of the operation. Full recovery time after stomach surgery can vary between two and four weeks. Recovery depends on the scope of the operation, the general health and physical condition of the patient before surgery, and the patient's natural care processes.

For most patients, the results of the tummy tuck are lasting. However, for most patients, a tummy tuck will greatly enhance their appearance and help them feel more confident.