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Know How to Drive A Car to Avoid The Accidents

Know How to Drive A Car to Avoid The Accidents

Road accidents rarely occur if someone drives safely and makes them aware of the environment. Here are things to remember while driving a car. Get more information about driving course  ( which is also known as หลักสูตรการขับขี่ in thai language ) through online sources.

Apply brake:

To get the car to a stop, shift the foot focus from the brake to the gas pedal. There are also techniques to stop the car. Applying the brakes can cause the car to stop suddenly, causing some discomfort.

Parking: There is no major difference between braking and parking. One thing you have to remember is to park in the parking zone. Slowly stop the car by applying the brakes. Once you turn off the engine, keep the car parked.

Understanding Traffic:

It is also necessary to keep traffic lights and signals in mind when switching focus between gears, brakes and gas pedals. Red indicates a stop, yellow indicates readiness and green indicates movement. Keep an eye out for one-way street, lane and parking signs etc.

Alcohol and Drugs:

This is an indicator not only for beginners but experienced drivers. A drunk driver can cause damage not only to the wrong driver but also to other cars. If there is no moral responsibility then safety should be protected as a priority.

Also, remember to keep a respectable amount of distance between the front of your car and the car behind you. Knowing that driving a car can help a person reduce transportation costs.