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Learn Physiotherapy Exercises For Muscle Injuries

Learn Physiotherapy Exercises For Muscle Injuries

If you're not injured, you can still do these physiotherapy exercises. Prevent common injuries in certain parts of your body. Add the specific exercise to your normal workout at least once a week.

Be proactive with your recovery, and quickly return to a pain-free active life.

These physiotherapy exercises should be used with professional care from or as preventative measures. If you're in pain from an injury, please see your doctor first.

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Physiotherapy exercises for your back:

1. Lie on your back, both knees bent (feet flat on the floor). Tilt your hips backward and slightly arch your back. The first movement leads to the second, don't force the arching. Relax, then tilt your hips forward, keeping your bottom on the floor. Your lower back will push into the floor.

2. Lie on your back, both legs straight. Bend your left knee up towards your chest, holding your thigh or the top of the knee. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, and slowly relax. Repeat with the right knee.

3. Lie on your front, chin resting on the floor. Bend your arms with hands resting beside your head, palms on the floor, and elbows tucked into your body. Look straight ahead and slowly lift your head up, keep your hips on the floor so that your back arches. Let your arms take the weight. Relax back down slowly.

4. Stand up, arms by your side. Bend down to the right, sliding your right hand down your leg. Come back up slowly and relax. Repeat on your left side.