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Lithium-Ion Cells: A Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-Ion Cells: A Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-ion Cells are a type of rechargeable battery. The lithium-ion moves between the anode and the cathode. It moves from the anode to the cathode whilst it is discharging and moves in reverse when charging form the cathode to the anode. These types of cells are very often used in consumer electronics and are one of the more popular types of batteries for portable electronic devices.

They have extremely good energy-to-weight ratios, and they also have a slow loss of charge and no memory effects. In addition to consumer uses, they are also used for defense purposes, aerospace, and automotive applications because of their high density. You can also buy custom prismatic li ion batteries online.

Some of the uses for lithium-ion cells can include hearing aids, laptops, cameras, electronic notebooks, and battery-driven vehicles such as mobility scooters and some battery drove bicycles.

There is a difference between lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries. The later contain metallic lithium and are known as primary batteries. The former contains an intercalation anode material, and are known as secondary batteries.

They need to be handled and used with care, and the life of these batteries can be prolonged with the correct use.

Some guidelines for prolonging them can include:

  • Never allow the battery to become frozen
  • Purchase when required as they ' age ' and this will affect performance
  • Charge often
  • Do not frequently fully discharge and recharge
  • Never deplete below their minimum voltage
  • If possible keep the battery cool

Storing ones at their correct charge and temperature will help maintain its storage capacity.