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Matcha Green Tea And Its Health Benefits

Matcha Green Tea And Its Health Benefits

Tea Matcha Green is a traditional form of powdered tea that has been used in Japan since age in various ceremonies and is also very popular in western countries. Tea is generally produced every spring, especially from leaves planted under the auspices of Camellia Sinensis plants. This plant is equipped with many artificial shades while growing, so the leaves are very soft compared to other types of tea so the leaves are very rich in chlorophyll percentage.

This tea is very rich in enzyme content and maintains all the nutritional value of antioxidants and polyphenols. After steaming tea leaves are allowed to dry under a controlled temperature. You can also buy tea matcha from the SuperTea Garden website.

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The leaves of green tea Matcha then become powdered to utilize traditional grinding stones so that the nutritional value is restored. The heat produced during this process is not enough so it can destroy the nutritional value. This tea is believed to be rich in useful antioxidants so that tea can always be consumed directly. 

Antioxidants enter your body and provide your system with all-important nutrients. This tea is also considered a very strong source of flavonoids and becomes very effective in preventing cancer and controlling blood cholesterol levels.

This tea is also used in making a number of traditional drinks such as ice cream or even a fair dessert because of its stimulating strength.