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Military Super Cord Now Comes In Paracord Colors

Military Super Cord Now Comes In Paracord Colors

Paracord is derived from two words and has significant histories before they merge into one word. If you’re still not sure by now, you should. Para is the abbreviation for parachute and cord is what it refers to, the cord that is attached to the parachute’s actual jumper. 

Parcord colors refer to the idea that it’s available in many, you guessed it colors. Cords are versatile cords that are extremely durable and were created by the military to support use in the U.S. paratroopers’ aerial deployment during WWII.

The military could make use of “paracord” in a variety of ways other than parachuting into military situations. They employed it as a light and tiny survival cord among a myriad of other applications. 

Paracord is referred to as MIL-C-5040 by the military, and has distinctive characteristics from commercial versions. After the cord is cut, and the inside is revealed, it will reveal seven strands of nylon that are bundled composed of 3 inner strands with one distinct distinction that one of the 3 inner strands will be black, yellow with a black, and yellow strand. If you can see it, you’ll know it’s an authentic product and is made in the USA.

Paracord is usually 550 and has the same strength as the original, but it is not subjected to the same test of military demands. Paracord 550 is the strength of tensile at 555 pounds. The real distinction between commercial and military paracord is very minimal. 

Paracord is well-known for its quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness, and even the commercial ones that, in contrast to the military ones, offer a wider selection of colors.