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Military Surplus Sleeping Bags Are Durable And Functional

Military Surplus Sleeping Bags Are Durable And Functional

When army units are in the rough/harsh or forest area, they're up against a lot of challenges other than the enemy. When it comes to sleeping equipment, the biggest challenge is to maximize comfort while keeping it adequately light so that a person could carry everything they need on their spine. This can be true in the army as well as recreational outdoor adventures.

Backpackers are equally in need of soldiers when they have the ability to carry all their gear on their backs, and that is why the military surplus gear are so popular. Among all the military surplus items, sleeping bags is one of the usable things, especially for outdoor activities. 



When you are walking several miles in the forests, you need to be prepared for every event and make certain you are not left out only because you've left some items behind to remove the excess weight left behind. If you are in the backwoods and are struck by a strange snowstorm or storm during the cold season, you would like your sleeping bag rated for sub-zero temperatures. 

A simple lightweight insulating crisis blanket can fit in one's pack, take up minimum space without adding extra weight, and it can offer extra insulation in the event of unexpected cold. Army Surplus Sleeping Bags are compact and lightweight but provide the highest level of protection you'd receive from a standard retail sleeping bag, and they are available in many different fashions that are some of the best accessories to go together.

You can choose from a standard design or mummy-style bag, and it is also possible to find those that are fully enclosed with a mosquito net. Sleeping on the floor in all types of tropical or desert environments can expose an individual to all sorts of insects, some of which carry diseases such as malaria and others that may deliver a deadly sting.