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Need Of Emergency Dental Services

Need Of Emergency Dental Services

Sometimes people mistakenly believe that emergency dental services only apply to those who have a toothache at night. This is a common scenario, but there are many other situations in which a person might need to see a dentist for emergency care.

The tooth is struck by something – Teeth can become partially or completely knocked out by contact with something. This could be a result of a mugging attack or an accident that causes injury to the teeth. 

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People sometimes trip on the floor at home and get their teeth broken by something. Sports accidents such as being struck with a baseball bat, or running into a wall while playing basketball are quite common. 

Toothaches and abscesses – Toothaches and abscesses can be a common cause of severe dental pain. Sometimes a tooth will have a pimple-like appearance around the gum. However, there may not be any visible signs. 

Toothaches can be caused by tooth decay or infected pulp. These problems are not always obvious and are often missed during a dental exam. Many cracks in teeth can be invisible until they get worse.

Broken or missing fillings, crowns, or appliances – Crowns and fillings can become loose or fall out. These can be very painful. These issues can cause pain, and people will want to see a dentist as soon as possible.