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New Boiler Installation – Selecting the Right Company

New Boiler Installation – Selecting the Right Company

It's understandable that when choosing a company to install your new boiler, most people enjoy shopping and doing a little research. After all, a new boiler is a big investment in your central heating system.

Make a shortlist of national and local businesses. Keep in mind that national installers will likely have reach in your area and may have access to a wider range of products than smaller local companies. Your Heat can provide the best services for installing your boiler.

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List no more than 5 companies you can always expand the list if necessary. Browse their website. Of course, small local businesses may not have very complex websites, but if there isn't one at all, it's probably best not to use one unless you personally recommend it.

List the important criteria:  Are they safely registered for gas? If not, don't use it. When can they come out to you?

Which boiler is suitable? It's easy to get confused because you're not a boiler room specialist, but if you haven't met at least one of the How much is the charge? Are there any call charges, and if so, how much do they cost?

Do you offer payment terms? Obviously, this may not be the case for smaller local businesses so this isn't necessarily a determining factor, but it's worth understanding as this may be important to you.

How long have you been working? Companies with years of experience can be more reliable and of course, maintain their reputation.

Buying a new boiler is a significant investment. So it's a good idea to take the time to make sure you're doing it right.