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Pepsi and Coca-Cola Promote Halloween With Creepy Ads

Pepsi and Coca-Cola Promote Halloween With Creepy Ads

Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year, but these two brands are making it a little more difficult to find your way around this spooky celebration! Coca-Cola and Pepsi began their advertising campaigns today, with both putting out "creepy" ads that have people wondering what they're getting into. To get more details about pepsi coca cola advertising you may check this out now.

Pepsi and Coca Cola are teaming up to promote Halloween with some creepy ads. Pepsi's ad features a kid going trick-or-treating, but when he reaches the house next door, all the children are hiding in the basement. 

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The kid then goes into the house to get his candy and comes out seeing creepy things happening. Coca-Cola's ad features a mother being scared by her child trick-or-treating.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been promoting Halloween with some pretty creepy ads. Pepsi has an ad where a girl is about to drink from a can of Pepsi when her hand suddenly turns into a monster's hand. Coca-Cola has an ad where a boy is about to eat from a can of Coca-Cola when his face turns into a monster's face.

Pepsi and Coca Cola are two of the most popular soft drinks on the planet, so it is not surprising that they would promote Halloween with ads that are a little bit creepy. However, these ads have been met with a lot of criticism from consumers who find them inappropriate for children to see.