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Protection And Maintenance For Stone Floor

Protection And Maintenance For Stone Floor

The soils of natural stone and slate are popular choices for certain types of locations and many positive qualities they own. 

The natural stone is unique in design and character, and there is a wide variety of designs and colors available to give this custom touch to your soil. 

Natural stone also marks cost sustainability and so carefully envisaged should last many years. For the installation of stone carpets, It would be best to take help from the professionals for beautifully laying stone carpet (which is also called ‘ schn verlegter Steinteppich ’ in German).

The key to keeping the soil well convinced is maintenance, and although the stone and slate are durable materials, they can easily stain and leave an unsatisfactory effect in a short time, not great for a substantial investment. 

Some maintenance tips should help you keep your floor well.

The most important factor is to make sure that slate or stone is cut and installed in a professional manner. 

The stone and slate must be cut in a certain way, and when the coulis is installed (the building material used to seal the gaps between the tiles) must be carried out professionally because it is notoriously difficult to apply and not to leave gaps. 

The coulis is a way that your floor can be stained quickly if not neat.

The stone with a natural finish can be smooth but really has a rough finish and can be subject to the coloring of spills. 

The approximate finish often provides a certain quality without slip, but it is well recommended to apply a stone and coulis sealant. The sealer must not be cited as a graduate.