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Purchasing a New Meat Display

Purchasing a New Meat Display

There are a number of things that you should consider when you are choosing your meat display. The capacity of the display, which will determine how much meat you are able to put out for customers to purchase, the lighting that is used in the display to adequately show your meat to perfection without being so harsh that it washes out the color and the temperature control that you can achieve with the display unit.

Of course, the cost of the unit and the quality of the brand should also be high on your list of considerations when you are choosing your meat display.

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Tor-Rey Displays are a well-known manufacturer of meat displays. They are a quality brand and will offer you a quality item for your store. The prices on the items are quite reasonable when you consider the service that they provide.

They are equipped with a lighting system that is designed to control the level of light that is used on the food in the display as well as temperature controls. Some models will allow you to store refrigerated and frozen items in the same display with a lower-level frozen storage area.

Blue Air is another brand that will give you a great variety of displays to use for your store. You can choose a reach-in model or a display that has one to three glass doors for the display of your meat.