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Service Dog Training and Selection

Service Dog Training and Selection

Of all of the different things that our furry friends can be trained to do, service dog training is one of the most difficult. These dogs are the true definition of everyday hero. Although the tasks that they perform may seem routine, they make a world of difference in the lives of the disabled.

A service dog is a one that is trained to assist people with disabilities. Nearly everyone is familiar with the use of guide dog for blind or deaf people. However, there are many other types if disabilities that they can help with.

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Service dogs also assist people who suffer from

  • mental disease;
  • seizures;
  • diabetes;
  • severe allergies, among others.

They can retrieve objects and pull wheelchairs, as well as provide limited rescue and protection support.

In the United States, federal law protects the use of service dogs. The American with Disabilities Act defines the role of them and regulates public access rights. You will find them in most public restaurants, stores, and any other place that a person may visit.

So, how are these dogs selected and trained? There are a lot of wonderful dogs that start service dog training, but never graduate. Unfortunately, most dogs are not suitable for service dog training. They are a special class of canine. Dogs are carefully screened for a personality type that indicates the right combination of traits. These traits include things like how easy the dog is to work with, how fast they learn, and their general nature.