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Shortening Upper Lip Lift Without Complication

Shortening Upper Lip Lift Without Complication

The upper lip could become longer with age in some individuals. Long upper lips that are associated with a thin vermilion may be improved cosmetically by the removal of skin.

Another option to reduce the long upper lip is to use a lip lift. The technique of upper lip lift involves pulling the skin high below the nose and the upper lip's skin is reduced as the rest of the layer of skin gets pulled up. This leaves a thin line mark across the bottom of the nose. Only the center lip will be left with greater fullness or pout. It's always a little over-corrected because there will be a little ease on the top lip.

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The appearance of abnormal scarring has also been observed. It appears that it is an attempt to conceal the scars in the nostrils. It sounds like a good idea, however it causes an enlargement of the nasal and the enlargement of nose opening. Correcting the nostril in the future is difficult. It's a great alternative given that subnasal wounds tend to heal very well.

Modifications in the shape of the nostril could result from being pulled down from the removal of excessive skin under the nostril. This is the reason why the cutout appears bullhorn-like or wavy with most of it located in the middle of the philtrums.

Lifts of the upper lip can be an extremely enjoyable procedure, however it is crucial to avoid taking too much of the skin or perform modifications to the procedure that could affect your natural nasal sill.