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Water Treatment Chemicals – Regular Maintenance of Cooling Towers

The cooling tower needs water for its continuous and uninterrupted operation. The water required for such a process can be to the tune of thousands of gallons per day. Therefore, the water used for the operation of the tower needs to be maintained at an appropriate standard of hygiene. The health of towers depends on how well the water is maintained.

Generally, the water used in these towers may deteriorate due to environmental conditions. Some of the conditions that may take place at a cooling water plant are stagnation of water, growth of bacteria, the formation of algae and others. Using untreated water in this tower also can cause Legionnaires' disease, which can be life-threatening in the most severe form.

The best way forward is to use a special chemical treatment of water that will prevent water damage due to environmental conditions.  You can buy special water treatment chemicals on  Furthermore, the use of water treatment chemicals will lead to better management of the installation of the tower and help resolve various problems such as scale, corrosion, suspended particles, solids, and even bio-fouling.

The range of these treatment chemicals is vast, which includes bio-dispersants, biocides, antifoams, scale and corrosion inhibitors and other multi-capable products. Preserving cooling water quality is an important aspect of the overall safety process.

Therefore, keeping the water safe and free of contaminants is an integral part of the daily maintenance routines in the cooling tower. In addition to this process, it is important that workers exposed to the maintenance process wear the right clothes with gloves and other protective equipment.