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calf health

A Healthy Start For The Newborn Calf

Proper health and nutritional management of the calf is essential not simply because it contributes to the maximum pounds of beef to market at weaning, but also because it sets up the calf for attaining optimal post-weaning functionality.

Besides a healthy mother, the newborn calf health need a clean atmosphere. Healthy mature cows often shed very low levels of viruses and bacteria which could cause scours along with other diseases in calves. 

 calf health

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Manure and mud give a perfect atmosphere for disease-causing germs and viruses. Early in the calving season, calves are vulnerable to these pathogens and frequently create minor, imperceptible infections; nonetheless, these young calves enhance the pathogen load in the environment quicker than do mature cows. 

Since the calving period progresses, toddlers are contested at higher levels of germs. Illness with high doses of viruses or bacteria along with other risk factors such as overcrowding, temperature extremes, and clinical cases of scours may develop. 

Extension veterinarians have discovered that segregating cow-calf pairs by the age of the calf  helped decrease the incidence of scours outbreaks. When possible, calving areas must be split into big lots. 

This procedure ought to be repeated each week to 2 weeks so the elderly calves aren't housed together with the younger calves, since it's the older calves that infect younger calves.

Providing good nutrition, a clean environment, and suitable vaccination protocols before and the following calving helps to ensure a healthy,  thriving calf crop at weaning.