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flames of war

Know More About Flames Of War Games

Flames of War is a tabletop wargame, first released in 2001, by the New Zealand company Battlefront Miniatures. There is also an expansion that includes Vietnam, World War 1, and the Arab-Israeli War. 

Playing simulates fighting between enterprise-level, with each standing infantry typically representing half the squad. The big name tabletop wargames. To get more information about flames of war game, you can visit

Flames Of War Games

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Battlefront Miniatures itself has become quite popular in comparison with other well-known companies, as they have given their blessing for the player to use another company's products in the game.

In Flames Of War, you get a chance to find out. You can set the battlefield miniature models of tanks and troops that represent real-life forces that fought in World War

Also, as the infantry did not really change much, and because at 15mm it's hard to tell what they are equipped with, you can use the infantry platoon / company throughout the period of war, and can proxy them as mechanics , paratroopers, etc. with ease.

The flames of war combine excitement with miniature painting and modeling their own troops to the challenges faced off against their opponents at the table in a social setting, and try to make history as possible.