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garden tools

One Must-Have Garden Tools For Home Gardening

Gardening is one of the activities that many people do either for fun or as a necessity that they cannot do without. 

And while you can hire some persons to do this important job, having the garden tools you need for successful gardening is always important. Know more about various gardening tools at O’Toole’s garden center via

Below is a list of garden tools that you should buy:

Hand shovel: A hand trowel is required for growing herbs and small vegetables in the garden. They can also be used for digging up weeds or other small household activities that require a little soil.

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Shovel: A good shovel should have a short handle so you can easily dig a hole. They are also great for removing grass, pavements, and moving small amounts of soil from one point to another.

Digging forks: Among other things, it is essential for loosening compacted soil, lifting shrubs, and turning over piles of manure. A good fork should have a footrest and 4 square teeth for easy digging.

Dandelion diggers: They are definitely very important and especially because they are ideal for digging deep-rooted roots.

Chopping: This gardening tool is also essential if you want to be successful in your gardening work. There are several types of hoes, from garden hoes to ultra-thin models designed for difficult spaces.

Rakes: This gardening tool is needed when you need to clean up fallen flower beds or foliage.

There are other garden tools you may want to consider such as cutting cutters, gloves, and scissors.