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Golden Teachers

All About Golden Teachers Magic Mushroom

Golden Teachers mushrooms are one of the most popular Psilocybin fungi. They aren't an actual species, but rather a variety of Psilocybe cubensis.

Like other psilocybin fungi, the most psychoactive substances that it has are psilocybin as well as Psilocin. Psychonauts and cultivators love this particular strain of psilocybin due to a variety of reasons. You can also get more information to buy Golden teachers magic sprout.

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How Are Golden Teachers?

Golden Teachers are a particular type or strain that belongs to Psilocybe cubensis. There are numerous varieties of this particular species of mushroom, however Golden Teachers are among the most well-known strains.

Psilocybe cubensis is among the most widely cultivated variety of magic mushrooms. Psilocybe is the name of the genus that the species is part of  Genus refers to a taxonomic classification in biology that is higher than species and below families.

How do Golden Teachers Look Like

The thing that distinguishes strains is their look. Let's look at the way Golden Teachers look like :

Cap: A dark red hue with a golden or yellow center which is why it has"golden. "golden" is in its name. The cap has a slight curvature and can be up to 8 centimeters on the other. The cap is bigger than other types that are Psilocybe cubensis.

Stipe: It is hollow and thicker towards the base.

Gills: Variable from whitish to purple-brown.