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Various Types Of Hair Extensions – What To Know

These lengths of synthetic or real hair are tightly attached to your scalp. The aim is to increase the thickness and/or length of your natural hair.

When you go to the hair extension store or beauty shop to have these added, you will find that there are various types of hair extensions to choose from. You can also look for long hair extensions via

You will not only have different ones to choose from but also the texture, color, length, and style. One thing to note is that the real hair extensions are more expensive of the two options. Synthetic hair extensions are also more difficult to style.


This one usually does not require you to go to a hair salon extensions have been doing. This is the most basic type because all you have to do is clip them into your hair. If you want to have them dyed closer to your natural hair, you might want to have a professional do this so you can get a better match.


You can also have them sewn to your hair by a professional. Your natural hair braided into cornrows light, as close to your scalp as they could get to feed braid sewn into it.

It is a process that can take a long time to do and can be a painful experience. It is also one of the more expensive ones found in the market. The upside is that it can last a long time.


This will usually involve long weft hair that can be as much as six inches long. Professional stylists will apply adhesive to the roots of your hair before applying for the extension. It is quick to do but usually does not last all other means of hair extensions. It is also referred to as glue.