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Melasma and Ways to Prevent it

The most common type of skin disease called melasma generally affects women, although men can also be affected. It's distinguished by the existence of brown patches or black spots around the face, frequently symmetrical and evenly dispersed. Excessive sun exposure is a common precipitating factor as it stimulates melanocytes on the skin leading to skin pigmentation. 

Melasma (also known as hormonal pigmentation or mask of pregnancy) can be seen on prominent areas of the face such as cheekbones, forehead, and upper lip, but it can also appear on other areas such as the lower nose, chin, and neck borders. Although melasma is totally harmless and isn't associated with any sort of disease anyway.


Prevention is obviously better than cure. Melasma cannot be prevented from happening at all but there are ways to reduce your odds of reaching it. Since sun exposure is regarded as a major contributing factor to the incidence of melasma, sun protection cream and lotion are still considered the best prevention tip. Wearing good sunscreen is the very best defense against melasma.

Remember that within a couple of minutes of exposure to sunlight, UV rays can quickly stimulate melanocytes on the skin, which is the primary culprit for the development of melasma. Refrain from the use of products that can make your skin sensitive to sunlight, commonly known as photosensitivity. The use of certain medications can also cause side effects which could increase your skin's sensitivity, so you should be aware of these medications and avoid using them.

Occasionally, the simplest preventive measure is often overlooked.  Covering the skin on its own is a good method to decrease the effects of UV rays. This will help your skin to be in direct contact with sunlight. Female hormones estrogen and progesterone are associated with the incidence of hyperpigmentation.

Prevalence is seen in elderly women, a type of melasma commonly known as a pregnancy mask. This type of melasma really doesn't require prevention because it is going to vanish after pregnancy and is usually not permanent. It's very important to arm yourself with the wisdom of melasma and how to treat the condition concurrently.

You can certainly follow these simple procedures of Melasma prevention, but the outcomes can't be guaranteed. Just remember to use sunscreen consistently. In reality, sun protection is still the very best system of avoidance of melasma.