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Two Types of Commercial Coffee Grinders

There are three types of commercial Coffee grinder food service, retail coffee grinder and espresso grinder. This article will discuss only the food service and retail coffee grinder.

Food service has a wide range of customized coffee grinder to grind coffee profile settings for specific needs. You can browse Kafve Coffee for acquiring more knowledge about commercial coffee services.

Grinder food service can also be found in schools, hospitals, nursing homes are large and rest homes, hotels and motels as well as service stations that sell food and coffee cups. Other places grinder food can be found including places to eat in large office buildings, medical buildings and large construction sites.  

This grinder comes in a single portion that holds 6 pounds of coffee in the hopper, a carriage unit that holds the two sections on each side of 5.5 pounds while the three cars that hold 5.5 pounds on each side. Other versions will have a double portion and two removable hopper or grinding three portions with two removable hoppers.

The retail coffee grinder you see every time you go to the grocery store or specialty shop. Milling machines are easy to operate with on / off switch and offers several options grind profile. They are designed to hold the bag while ground coffee beans were directed down the chute in the bag.  

This grinder has a heavy duty ½ horsepower motor with a circuit breaker as soon as grinding services for food safety. They also come in black and stainless steel such as grinding food service.