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Motion Graphics

The Impact of Motion Graphics

The significance of visuals for reaching target audiences and effectively communicating is undeniable and cannot be overstated. Designers, Presenter, Publisher, Sales People, Marketing Professionals, Broadcasting, Webmaster and many others use graphics to illustrate, entertain, emphasize, explain, improve, etc.

Graphics open doors. Graphics sell. Graphics promote. They market, they package, they brand. Since the world around us is not static, it seems reasonable that the changes and movements tend to get our attention first. With the advent of computer animation comes movement – wherever and whenever possible: Movies, Television, Computer Software, Handheld Devices, Digital Signage, Web Sites.

I could not help but notice the interdependent and design interplay between TV commercials and web-based advertising; sleek Web 2.0 look and feel has been made to the TV screen while TV-style full motion graphics services are impacting internet sites and web-based advertising.



Many motion graphics have been perfected to works of art. Movie Titles, Television News Backdrops, Logo Animations, Web Site Intros, Advertising – and the list goes on – are in many cases so well done, so creative and so polished, they can take on a life of their own, they are entertaining, they are fun to watch! What better way to get the viewers' attention?


At the beginning is the idea. A creative concept is a first and most important step to commercial success – or any other type of visual communication. A close second is the professional execution of big ideas. Then tweaking, revising, polishing until it is just right.