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palccoyo rainbow mountain tours

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain: A New Hidden Gem & Secret Of Cusco

The Palccoyo rainbow mountain is a new and stunning mountain located about a 45 minutes drive north of Cusco. The hike to the peak has an elevation gain of just over 2,000 m, but with an estimated difficulty rating of 5 out of 10, it's still manageable for most tourists.

You can book tour tickets or guide by visiting The Palccoyo rainbow mountain is a new hidden gem in the Andes. Located in the Cordillera Blanca National Park, this hike is a challenging but rewarding experience. The elevation gain is significant, but the views of the snow-capped peaks and glaciers make it all worth it. There are several different trails that lead to the summit, so choose whichever one strikes your fancy. 

The trailhead is located just outside of the park entrance, so be sure to take note of the directions before you depart. The Palccoyo rainbow mountain is a new hidden gem that hikers and climbers have been eager to explore. Palccoyo rainbow mountain is a new hidden gem in the Philippines and it is definitely worth your time to explore. The mountain is located in the province of La Union and it’s easily accessible by car or motorcycle. 

The hike to the top is relatively short but the trail is full of beautiful views. There are also several waterfalls and pools along the way that make for a perfect hike in summer. If you’re looking for a fun and unique day out, be sure to check out Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.