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How did PodChatLive get started?

PodChatLive is a monthly video livestream discussion for podiatrists and others involved in the subject which is broadcast live on Facebook and is available later as a replay on YouTube, the website and also the usual podcast sources including iTunes and Spotify for the audio version. In each episode both hosts have on one or more guests and examine a variety of topics of significance to podiatrists and the lower leg. Throughout the broadcast, queries are usually asked by those watching during real time and the hosts and guests respond to them. The livestream has gathered a wide following and is very popular among podiatrists.

The hosts of PodChatLive are Ian Griffiths and Craig Payne, both podiatrists. The livestream began one evening when Craig was visiting Ian and they went live from Ian’s kitchen to have a discussion live on Facebook about whatever came up. It was later on called PodChatLive because they realised that it worked and they were developing a following. Craig is based in Australia and he admins the discussion board, Podiatry Arena and runs the online courses for the Clinical Biomechanics Bootcamp. Ian is a sports podiatrist in London. The livestream did start out as a weekly livestream, but as it is not monetized, it was way too much work for the hosts to keep it up, so following the initial year it was changed to a monthly livestream.

Occasionally the PodChatLive livestream focusses on clinical topics such as injuries, other times it focusses on business topics like social media advertising. Other times the guest is someone famous within the podiatry profession and they focus on a variety of issues with the guest. Some topics are much more popular than the others and at times the hosts get amazed exactly how popular some shows are as they weren't necessarily anticipating that episode to be as popular as what it ended up being.


What do Podiatrists in the AFL do?

One of the more famous sports in Australia is Australian Rules Football (AFL). To people outside Australia it is considered relatively odd as they quite simply may see no sport like it, but they are in awe of what tremendous athletes those who participate in the sport at the professional elite level is. It's a fully professional men's league of Australian rules football and it has been enjoyed for over a century. It started out in the state of Victoria, but now other states have clubs in what is now considered a nationwide competition. The 18 professional clubs that compete in the AFL invest heavily in the sports sciences and also sports medicine to get the most out of the athletes in every club. The sports medicine team with each club contains a podiatrist associated to help look after the foot injury and footwear needs of the players. The role of Podiatry practitioners in the Australian Football League in Australia is recognized as a template of how podiatry practitioners ought to be involved in professional clubs around the world.

For one of the shows of the podiatry associated livestream, PodChatLive the hosts chatted with five of the podiatrists connected with Australian Rules Football teams to take a look at the world leading model for Podiatry inside an professional sports team as well as the developing role of the newly formed, AFL Podiatry Association. The Podiatrists which were on this live ended up Ben Holland from the North Melbourne Kangaroos, Emma Poynton with the Western Bulldogs, Nicki Quigley from the Hawthorn Hawks, Todd Brown with the Geelong Cats and Tom May from the Adelaide Crows. They talked about the stress of AFL and how that has effects on the players along with what the frequent injuries observed. There was a superb dialogue with regards to the footwear used and the problems that brings. There was also a chat of the preseason screening procedure that is normally used in the 44-man squads. The show was sent out live on Facebook, but is also now available on YouTube.


Clinicians need to understand researchers

Understanding scientific studies are an important part of the training of all health care professionals. This includes both being able to do research and comprehend research. This really is essential because all health care professionals ought to need to be equipped to implement research conclusions into their clinical work. From time to time research studies could contradict the viewpoints of individual physicians and so they have to have the ability to be able to overcome these dissimilarities to provide the preferred research dependent therapy for their patients. It's the research which informs us which therapies do work and which ones possibly fail to work or are not any superior to a placebo. On the regular chat show for podiatrists, PodChatLive this can be a area that comes up on a regular basis in the context of many different topics that they can go over. It truly is such an essential topic that the hosts of PodChatLive focused an entire episode to the area of research methods and its significance for doctors to actually understand.

In this edition on research methods the hosts spoke with the research physical therapist Rod Whiteley. In the stream they discussed why it is very important for all clinicians to often read and comprehend research reports and become confident doing this. They talked about some tips on the way to examine a paper along the way. They discussed the topic of p values and why 0.05 isn't the wonder number as well as the using of confidence intervals, reliability, number needed to treat (NNT) as well as the minimal clinically important difference. A single key takeaway for all from the episode should be to know about effect sizes. Dr Rod Whiteley PhD is a Specialized Sports Physio who has served with the College of Sports Physiotherapy’s Board as the Chief Examiner as well as has helped numerous professional and international sports teams as well as individuals in quite a few sports, including Rugby Union and League, Baseball, Football, Squash, and Athletics.