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Know More About Vapor Store Owners

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are battery-powered nicotine distribution systems. "Vaping" is gaining public attention and popularity ahead of information on product regulation and long-term health outcomes.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers most often by current and former adult smokers to help reduce or quit smoking used, but they have also become increasingly used by college students and teenagers. For more information about the vapor shop, you can visit

Vapor Store Owners

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Whether vaping is a loss reduction or health-risk behavior has not yet been determined. Vaping can extend nicotine addiction in smokers or is trying to provide a mechanism for nonsmokers to develop nicotine addiction, thus re-referring to the social norm of smoking.

It is also not known if vaping promotes cigarette use, especially among adolescents and young adults. The awareness and use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers have increased dramatically likely due to increased marketing and introduction of new products.

Awareness of e-cigarettes is more than 80% among American adults, but current smokers were more aware that e-cigarettes are advertised than those who never smoked. Marketing methods can influence which groups use e-cigarettes and influence vaping social norms or reduce attitudes toward nicotine.

Internet is the major channel of e-cigarette marketing and e-cigarette marketing is the focus of research. Electronic cigarettes are available through a variety of outlets, including online, convenience stores, mall kiosks, tobacco-selling stores, and proceedings.

Owners of local vapor stores are in a unique position to change social norms and opinions about vaping through the promotion of their products. Our objectives were to describe local marketing practices used by vapor reserves and to examine the similarities with established tobacco industry marketing practices.