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rechargeable vape batteries

How to Safely Charge Lithium Ion Vape Batteries

When you are a fan of vaping, you may go through batteries quickly. Finding one that lasts for a long time and saves you money is in your best interest, so lithium-ion may be your best bet. However, just as with any electronic device, you want to be sure that you exercise caution to avoid any potential injury.

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Why Choose a Lithium-Ion Battery

Choosing to use a vaping device with a lithium-ion battery is a wise decision. These batteries come with many advantages, such as:

  • They are safe when carefully charged and discharged
  • They are deemed a low maintenance battery
  • They have high-energy-density approximately double the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries
  • They are very light due to their composition

Just as with the type of battery, it is very important that you exercise care when using and handling your lithium-ion battery. From time to time, you hear about the battery bursting into flames and you also do not want to burn your fingers.

Battery Safety Is a Must

When you use a vape with lithium-ion batteries, a little common sense and care go a long way. Be careful to separate it from other electronic devices when carrying, and even better if it is not used to remove cells and carry it in a separate plastic tote bag. Always visually inspect the battery to ensure that it does not become compromised.