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Best way to Install Soffit

Measure and compute the entire square footage required for the regions needing soffit. Panels come in 12-foot lengths which are either 12 or 16 inches broad. Thus, a panel that's 12 inches broad equates to 12 square feet, and also a panel that's 16 inches broad equates to 16 square feet. Plan on buying enough soffit to pay about 5% more space than needed to account for waste and overlaps with smart and stylish Soffit Services .

Follow the following steps to be Certain the area to be coated is prepared:

Assess surfaces to be certain they're straight and uniform.

Reattach any loose planks or shingles which may impact your setup process.

Eliminate any present trim.

Identify potential obstacles like utility lines. Panels might be trimmed to fit them around, or you could contact your utility company for replacement or removal.

Eliminate gutters. This may be cumbersome and hard to do without damaging the gutters. If your plan is to replace the gutters anyhow and isn't concerned about damaging the previous ones, then this procedure goes much quicker.

F-channels or J-channels may be utilized as receiving stations, and they need to be attached with nails every 12 inches across the wall.

If the soffit turns a corner, then the station then has to be installed using a 1/4-inch gap which may allow for growth in the walls. Don't overdrive fasteners.

Cut the Soffit Panels

To match the area being coated, soffit panels should be cut to the proper length:

Measure from the wall into your fascia and subtract half of an inch to permit for motion.

Cut the panels into the determined dimensions. A round saw works better, and you're able to cut two panels simultaneously to expedite the procedure.