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The Best Thing For Your Home: A Paw Print Frame

The Best Thing For Your Home: A Paw Print Frame

A paw print frame is a unique and personal way to display the photographs of your pet. The frame is made from wood and measures 17 inches wide by 23 inches high. The back of the frame has a hinged door that opens to reveal a space where you can insert your photographs. 

There are many benefits of having a beautiful paw print frame in your home. One of the main reasons is that it can add personality and comfort to any room. Not only does this frame make a great addition to a child’s room, but it can also be used as a decorative piece in any other room. 

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Additionally, paw print frames are great for promoting healing and peace within the home. They can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Finally, paw print frames are an excellent way to commemorate special moments in a pet’s life. 

Making a paw print frame is a fun way to display your favorite photos and memories from your pet. Here are the steps: 

1. Begin by removing the backing from the photo frames that you want to use.

2. Place the photo frames on a flat surface, so that the centers of each frame are aligned.

3. Trace the outline of a paw print into each frame with a pencil. Do not erase any of the original photo material.

4. Use a sharpie or other marker to fill in each paw print with a light blue color. Be sure to draw the outlines of each paw carefully; over-paintings will cause the frames to become too faded to use later on.