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The Database Design Process is Crucial for Business Survival

The Database Design Process is Crucial for Business Survival

The database design topic is so critical to business today that even if no employee in your organization has the skills or knowledge to provide the necessary customization for your business, you should find a qualified database designer.

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Your newly customized design and all the software processes that come with it allow you to save on costs as well as the possibility of generating new services and products.

An important first step is to incorporate your business requirements into a planning document so that you can get a very clear business picture. The same document can be used by systems application analysts to generate a sample population of data instances that can provide a meaningful representation of the type of data your database should use to shape your business model.

The sample population is useful in examining or determining the features that will be part of a successful information handling system. It is therefore a logical model to give designers a description of the structure in the application domain.

This description contains a number of relational tables that match the main characteristics and contribute directly to the conceptual model that meets the database design and business requirements.

The closer the designer and the business owner are, the better the results of a well-structured DBMS are.