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Things To Strictly Avoid For A Successful Employee Referral Program

Things To Strictly Avoid For A Successful Employee Referral Program

The fact that employee referral programs can help meet the talent needs of any company is unquestionable. A more complex argument has to do with how they must be implemented to be effective. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to targeting programs for employees and organizations with successful targeting programs have experimented with different approaches tailored to their needs.

While all of these organizations have started implementing targeting programs in their own way, they do have some things in common. What their employee referral programs have in common are the pitfalls they have managed to avoid when implementing an employee rewards system via

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Here are the top things to avoid when designing and implementing an employee referral program:

The responsiveness of the referral program is one of the most important factors in its success. This means that if employees do not receive feedback or updates on the recommendations they have submitted within 24-48 hours, they are less likely to receive future recommendations from them, resulting in a late end of the program for not participating. However, it is important to ensure that referral programs provide timely feedback and employee status updates via automated systems or manually through employee selection.

Having a reward and recognition mechanism that doesn't excite or motivate anyone to participate is another surefire killer of recommended shooting programs. Ensure rewards for successful referrals are attractive and include small prizes, as well as for the interest and participation of other participating employees.

Delaying bonus payments, even if the recommended candidate is successfully hired, will also have a negative impact on the company and will likely cause employees to lose confidence in the program. Ensure payments are made on time and well communicated so that everyone is aware of the compensation system.