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Timber Buildings Do Best – Modern Log Cabins

Timber Buildings Do Best – Modern Log Cabins

Timber house construction has been used for centuries in various countries around the world. Timber is one of the oldest and most trusted building materials in the region and is a fully renewable natural resource. 

In today's construction market, where such emphasis is placed on sustainability, it is appropriate to adopt log cabins to today's needs while retaining all the advantages of this ancient architectural style.

The old advantages of traditional timber construction;

1. Sustainable timber from renewable forests.

2. Timber frame and truss in New Castle is a natural product that offers a healthy living/learning environment.

3. A high degree of natural insulation keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer

4. Ability to regulate humidity and not withstand static electricity. It has been shown to have health benefits, especially for those with allergies.

For these reasons and many other reasons log cabins have been a popular choice for assembled homes over the centuries and that is why timber has become an important part of buildings for various purposes. 

New advantages of modern timber buildings;

1. Selection of external cladding types to combine with the environment and protect the structural logs to ensure longer service life.

2. High level of insulation: Exceeds current building regulations to ensure minimal energy losses. This allows timber houses to be used for a wider range of commercial purposes, including schools and kindergartens.

3. A wide variety of roof coverings to suit any building purpose, including seven for those who wish to make full use of green timber buildings.

4. Optimized edges/surfaces update the look.

5. Modern prefabricated windows and doors with double glazing ensure energy efficiency.

6. Energy-efficient heating/lighting system with options for renewable energy.