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Tough and reliable All-Weather Road Markers

Tough and reliable All-Weather Road Markers

Road reflectors are used to manage traffic and to encourage safe driving. Road reflector made of ceramic or plastic. Several types of road reflector have a reflective lens that reflects the light from the vehicle.

Street reflector used for various aims, and it is essential to make the path visible to drivers at night. Usage depends on the color and the colors have different meanings in different countries.  If you are looking for more information about road markers then you can check here now.

Tough and reliable All-Weather Road Markers

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For example, the color meant for road reflector in North America are yellow or yellow is used to mark a double lane on the road with two-way traffic direction while at the same time used to mark on the left edge of one-way streets.

White marks the right edge of roads or public pathways division while blue markings and a red fire hydrant used to restrict signs such as "no entry" sign.

Design is a very important uniformity that is important in reducing the confusion and misunderstanding on this path indicator symbols represent. Efforts to standardize road markings are already in the process worldwide.

Road reflectors are usually available in yellow, white, red, green, blue, and black. It has three options reflector: one reflector side, two side reflectors, or no reflectors are installed at all.

It is made of plastic and ceramics extra strength of 4 ", 6" and 8 "sizes of various shapes such as square, rectangular, oval, or circle. The path indicator mounted on the road surface to provide guidance and communicate information to pedestrians and drivers.