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Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs Easily

Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs Easily

Separation anxiety in dogs can sometimes be treated with medication. In extreme cases, medication can be used. However, behavior modification can sometimes be used to treat less severe cases.

Dogs love to be part of a pack and are happy to share their company. Dogs can panic and become anxious if left alone. They may chew on furniture and shoes, tear up everything they see, or even try to jump through windows to reach their owners. Navigate the site to know more about fixing separation anxiety in dogs. 


Dogs can be injured or bloodied just to get to their master. Separation anxiety can manifest as excessive barking and whining, following you around, acting anxious when you are about to leave, and even urinating and defecating at home, even if they have been housebroken.

Try to be calm and non-agitating when you go away or come home. Your dog will take cues from your excitement if you get excited when you return home. If he observes you being excited, he will be just as excited.

Another option is to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise. Dogs that are tired may be more inclined to sleep in their own beds. Our dog is more comfortable sleeping when he's tired. He will sleep for long periods of the night after he's been outside running and playing in the yard.

It is not possible to punish a dog for chewing or ripping up things. You should consult your veterinarian if the behavior is severe. Your vet may prescribe medication to keep your pet calm.

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide treatment for their pets. We must ensure that our pets have the best possible life and shouldn't make them suffer. Separation anxiety can be treated and is not the fault of the dog.