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Treat Various Skin Conditions With An All-natural Salve

Treat Various Skin Conditions With An All-natural Salve

Many people suffer from various skin conditions that can range from mildly irritating to completely debilitating, or chemical abrasion from industrial jobs, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, acne, rashes, dry and cracked skin, rough skin. And relief from these conditions isn't always easy, especially since many of the prescription drugs used for these situations can have serious side effects.

For such conditions, natural salves work best to relieve the itching, sheer irritation, and pain of these conditions. One of the main effects is that the salve stops the itching and irritation, causing the person to scratch the area to the point of bleeding. The slave has phenol as an ingredient that has been used for decades to disinfect medical instruments. This helps heal the skin and relieve pain. You can purchase an all-natural salve through

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The salve has a non-drying petroleum base that does not dry out and provides a lubricating action to help prevent reopening of healing tissues when the skin flexes during normal movement, as well as a low-level anesthetic action, which helps to depress the perception of pain. Other ingredients are also natural healing and calming elements.

There have been many cases of psoriasis and eczema in which people have used the salve that have resulted in positive reports of relief and pain-free lives.

It is important to note that the salve does not cure the condition, but simply provides relief from the symptoms. Many of these skin conditions are the result of lifestyle or work conditions, and changes in these areas are necessary for a permanent cure to occur. However, symptom relief is certainly a blessing, especially since it can be obtained without any side effects.