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Treating Hot Spots On Dogs: Natural Remedies

Treating Hot Spots On Dogs: Natural Remedies

When it comes to skin conditions, hot spots on dogs are some of the most common, yet challenging to deal with. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and stick around despite all our best efforts to get rid of them. 

What are hot spots on dogs? 

A dog’s skin naturally hosts a wide variety of bacteria and other living microbes. When our dog’s skin is healthy, these organisms are able to coexist in a symbiotic relationship with our pets. You can also buy CBD vape oil for your dog spots.

What causes hot spots on dogs?

There are a number of factors that can make dogs vulnerable to hot spots. Oftentimes it is a combination of environmental, dietary, and genetic factors that make our pets more prone to this kind of skin infection. 

The most common factors that increase the risk of hot spots on dogs include:

  • Poor immune function

  • Habitual Licking or Scratching

  • Unhealthy Skin

  • Dirty Skin

  • Dense, damp fur that doesn’t dry easily

  • Unhealthy Diet 

  • Allergies

  • Fleas or other bites

  • Abrasions, cuts, and scratches

When increased bacterial growth meets weak or unhealthy areas of the skin, you have the perfect environment for canine hot spots. 

Is CBD good for dog hot spots?

Yes! A dog’s skin is full of receptors that work specifically with cannabinoids like CBD, making them super effective. What’s more, CBD has numerous therapeutic properties that make hemp salves one of the best natural remedies for hot spots on dogs. 


One important therapeutic property of CBD is its ability to moderate the immune system and reduce local inflammation. According to clinical research, CBD is a fantastic way to help dogs suffering from various forms of dermatitis.


CBD and other cannabinoids found in a full-spectrum hemp extract are also known for their natural anti-microbial properties. This is especially applicable, as it can help fight the growth of bacteria and prevent further infection.