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Understanding TIG Welding In Sydney

Understanding TIG Welding In Sydney

In the last hundred years, there have been almost no products made of steel or aluminum that did not require welding at all. The most common welding process is arc welding of various forms.

The process in its most basic form is actually quite simple. Take two similar pieces of metal. Put it all together, and then use a heat source large enough to lift the metal closer to its melting point. Then apply the filling and melt the pieces. You can also get Sydneys best welding services via MIG & TIG welding team.

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The main arc welding machine uses a machine that can produce an adjustable electrical current. Pass this current through a cable that has a device at the end that can hold the welding rod closed.

From the welding machine run a wire, called a ground, and attach it somewhere along the metal to be welded. Then place the welding rod on the metal so that it completes the circuit that produces an arc between the welding rod and the metal.

This arc creates heat which heats both the metal parts and the rod itself melts when it is welded. If done correctly, the two metal parts will join together. The process is of course more complicated as the arc has to be set for different metal thicknesses and different plated rods are used depending on the metal composition.

TIG welders are also known as Heli-Arc or GTIG (Gas Tungsten Inert Gas) welders. Although this system is a very sophisticated arc welder, it also uses machines to generate electricity.

The ground wire is also used. Power is routed through the cable again, but the difference between those ends of the cable business is the secret that makes this system work.