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What Are The Benefits Of Stretch Ceiling For Your Property

What Are The Benefits Of Stretch Ceiling For Your Property

Stretch ceilings are made of two components i.e.: a light polyvinyl chloride membrane and a perimeter profile. The membrane is flexible and can be clipped into a track.

The fabric material is made of a PVC-based, fully recycled Stretch Membrane measuring 0.2mm thick. You can choose from a range of finishes, colours, light diffusers and a mirrored fabric called "Stretch Reflect".

The potential of suspended stretch ceilings is great for commercial applications. You can use them to make extraordinary feature ceilings as well as flat designs. You can find more about stretch ceilings at

stretch ceilings

There is a wide range of finishes and colours, including transparent (for light diffusion and backlighting), metallic (mirror-like), satin (perforated suede), and matte. To create more effects, you can paint or print the material.

With purpose-made monolithic panels, there are almost limitless design possibilities. You have almost unlimited design options with purpose-made monolithic panels.

The stretch ceilings protect your roof structure from chemical attacks. A ceiling that is easy to maintain and decorate. They are able to provide vapour barriers. They are beautiful and protect ceilings thanks to their unique finishes and colours.

The translucent material is light diffusion, backlighting and light diffusion. For larger panels, an ultrasonic seam can be added to allow for a smaller panel to be welded. This can make the panel up to 50 square meters. 

The aluminium track can also be used to attach Stretched Ceilings material and frames to demountable. The track can be attached permanently to the perimeter structure for easier access. This allows for the material to be easily removed, cleaned, and re-fitted as needed by our staff.