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What Is 2D Animation and Why Is It Popular in Marketing

What Is 2D Animation and Why Is It Popular in Marketing

When you hear the word “2D animation”, most likely, you associate it with classic Disney films or The Simpsons. That’s because animation is a popular form of entertainment and is widely used for creating animated movies and cartoons. But today, the animation is becoming increasingly popular in the world of marketing. 

With the rise of video content, lots of businesses consider using 2D video animation in their marketing campaigns. That’s because animated videos are engaging and can make a huge impact on the audience. And they can be just adorable. No wonder using animated marketing videos in advertisements and on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 20%. To avail of such benefits, you can create a unique 2D animation video on

What Is 2D Animation?

2D animation is known as a traditional animation existing from the late 1800s. Two-dimensional space means that each object has only 2 dimensions, length, and height. There are about 24 timeframes in one second, and depending on the style, there can be as many as 24 unique sketches in one second of 2D animated video or just as little as 2.

In the past, all images were drawn by hand on paper, clear sheets of acetate called “cels,” or any other flat, two-dimensional surface, so the production process was very time-consuming. But today, computer software has replaced these traditional processes for digital techniques that are much easier, faster, and more cost-effective.