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What Is The Importance Of Breast Cancer Tissue Storage?

What Is The Importance Of Breast Cancer Tissue Storage?

Breast cancer tissue storage is a vital part of modern healthcare, providing patients with their personal genetic information to help them understand and control their health. What's more, it's also a crucial step in preserving the integrity of genomic research by making sure everyone who contributed to this process is still able to use their samples in the future.

Breast cancer tissue is used to create new drugs for breast cancer. When a woman has a lumpectomy, a biopsy is taken of the breast tissue and removed. The cells are frozen, and then put in liquid nitrogen and stored until they are needed. Preserving breast cancer tissue at means that there is more time for research and development of new drugs to fight against breast cancer.

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Breast tissue storage is an important part of a cancer survivor's medical care. With the increase in cancer diagnoses, more and more people are opting for tissue storage as a way to preserve their genetic material for future use. Tissue storage is recommended for women who have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies, or breast reconstruction surgery. It can be helpful in the case of future cancer treatments when treatment options may be limited and stem cells are needed.

Breast cancer tissue storage has become increasingly important in the past few decades. In order to advance breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is essential to have a large bank of breast cancer tissue for research purposes. There are two banks of samples: public and private. The public bank is maintained at the National Cancer Institute, while the private bank is held by hospitals across the country.